Closet River - Watercourse Maintenance

26 Sep 2013

This project involved Morrow Contracts working closely with both NIW and DARD Rivers Agency to ensure that the pollution from the Storm Overflow was cleaned to the satisfaction of both DARD Rivers Agency and the local landowners.

Works included the removal of silt and materials from the sides and bed of the water course and obstructions from the watercourse, using a Caterpillar Excavator with extended jib. Uncontaminated silt was spread over the adjacent land.

Temporary access roads, as agreed with local landowners, were also constructed and removed again after the works. Construction involved the cutting of bushes & briars, branches etc. which were removed to a licensed green waste facility. The temporary roads were top-soiled and reseeded when redundant to the satisfaction of the landowners

Environmental considerations were taken into account throughout, with full Environmental Method Statements and Risk Assessments produced and signed off daily. Hazards included pollution, oil spillage etc. All had control measures in place (such as drip trays, spillage kits) and the teams were competent and trained in Water Hygiene. All works were carried out in accordance with our ISO 14001: 2007.

All Health & Safety considerations were also reviewed prior to and during works, with strict adherence to our SafeTcert and OHSAS 18001: 2008 procedures. The site was visited daily by our supervisors and twice weekly by the HSEQ Manager, ensuring compliance with all relevant training, procedural and legislative requirements.