In Northern Ireland, approximately 320 million litres of wastewater is treated every day.

Morrow Contracts is heavily involved in the maintenance of an efficient wastewater system and is called upon by its clients to ensure the system is fully operational at all times.

When there are complications, Morrow’s analyses the situation, delivers a solution and then commences the repair programme.

Services include:

  1. Clearing of public sewer blockages
  2. Cleaning and disinfecting of spillage areas
  3. Cleaning, degritting, removal and disposal of grit and grease from sumps and in sewerage pumping stations
  4. Cleaning, removal and disposal of accumulated silt, grit, grease and debris from the sewer network (desilting)
  5. Sewer repairs, manhole repairs, manhole construction and new sewer connections
  6. Minor infrastructure improvements to the sewer network including minor sewer extensions on the public sewer network
  7. Assessment of sewer conditions
  8. Short terms tankering operations for relief of sewers and pumping stations
  9. Other wastewater network installation, repair, maintenance, cleaning and survey work

Morrow Contracts also specialises in providing its clients with CCTV investigation and inspection of works, employing trenchless techniquies where necessary and offers quality assurance on all projects completed.